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SIM Cutting Tool (Micro Sim + Adapters)


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Most GSM devices such as iPhone 3G/3GS, Blackberry and HTC use standard SIM; But iPad and iPhone 4G use Micro Sims. Many people have reported that they successfully use standard SIM for Micro Sim device by cutting it. But be aware, you have to cut it to the very exact size.

Now you can easily cut the standard SIM to Micro SIM size with "Cut my Sim".

A cutter that consists of twelve stainless steel parts and doesn’t allow you to cut your card wrongly. It cuts any normal standard sim card (12*25mm) to a micro sim (12*15mm).

"Back to Normal"

Change your new Micro Sim into a normal, standard sized sim. So your old sim card is restored to the old format. This is handy if you want to use your  new Micro Sim in devices that need normal sims.

All the standard SIMs may not be used in Micro Sim devices. Please check the compatibility at the customer's side.

Shipment Includes (1) Sim Cutting Tool + (2) Sim Card Adapters (Turning your Micro-Sim back to normal)