Android users should be feeling out of the world as there is real good news from XBMC. In case you do not know what XBMC is, XBMC is one of the most popular open source software for playing media and it’s an award winning software client to be used on PC with home theater capability. Recently, XBMC has announced that they now have developed application for Android system and this application has all the features that are needed to run smoothly on Android OS. And people who are already familiar with XBMC software and had been using it for a while, also would be excited to be able to use this amazing software on their Android based phones, tablet PCs and on other Android based devices.

XBMC is in fact an amazing media client with all the desired feature bundles that you can ask from such software. From browsing media contents to viewing videos, pictures and listening to podcast and music: all are really easy with XBMC. And you can browse your contents from a variety of places like your memory or internet or the PCs in the local network you are connected to. And to this, you simply need to use few buttons. There is even a function to do weather forecasting in this application. You will all the features in their full forms just as you would have got in your PC version of this software. In that sense, you are not going to miss anything at all.

However, it is really very unfortunate that the blog where the developers announced about this new application has no information about the release date of this new application. However they are expecting that in a few weeks time, the developers will be able to experience the beta version of this application. The primary developers will be delivering the open source codes for other developers to get their hands on it and develop it according to their needs. It seems like that this beta version might not be fully functional bcause full functions will be available in the final version. For a few stuffs like the skin development for the user interface they are admitting that they will mostly depend on the open source developers. People who loves their PC version of this software should keep an eye on the development process for the final version to come out.

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