If you are using non-Nokia mobile phone Dell Venue Pro and you are concerned whether you will receive the Windows Phone Tango update or not, then we have a good news for you. The Windows Phone Tango update is available for Dell Venue Pro.

It’s a fact that Venue Pro wras the first Windows Phone to hit the market almost two years ago. Venue Pro is still getting the updates. Holger in Germany plugged his unbranded DVP into Zune today and was soon pleasantly surprised to receive the upgrade prompt to Tango (7.10.8773.98). Till now he is the only person to receive this update for his phone.

He reports the upgrade went perfectly fine, but that the compass unfortunately remains DOA.

Remember that his is not the Windows Phone 7.8 update there is no guarantee that this phone will receive that update. But the fact that Dell is still updating a two year-old phone should give you some hope.