The question most frequently asked at Google I/Os has been “why is Chrome not a part of Android”. But both the Chrome team and the Android team have been trying to avoid sticky situations by not providing any meaningful answers. But do answers like “it’s not something we’re talking about right now” help?

Android has a browser named “Browser” which is a lot similar to Chrome but they would still not use Chrome. What could be the reason behind this? Even a wise man would say “I don’t know” but the most appropriate reason would be that Google was not sure of Chrome’s success and were hell bent to make sure that Android succeeds at any cost. It is understandable that they did not want to attach a newly launched web browser to their mobile browser, but why not now? Google Chrome which was first launched in September 2008 and has grown a lot. More and more people around the world are turning to use Google Chrome for its incredible speed and simplicity.

Rather, Google has launched a different operating system called “Chrome OS” which has Chrome as its heart. But would not that be competition to its very own Android? It would definitely be. The launch of Chrome OS makes it certain that Android will no longer be available on Net books and would be limited to mobile phones only. But will that be a problem for Android which is growing by 400,000 devices every day? It is yet to be seen as it is facing serious competition from Apple. But the strangest fact is the use of Chrome by Google. They have kept Chrome at the center of the Chrome OS and the same Chrome is not present in the Android at all. That really does not make much sense.

Apple has taken the seemingly most appropriate option of using its own browser “Safari” in its iPhone devices. But Google would not do that and raise eyebrows all over the world. But use of Chrome in Android now would not be significant. That is because of the simple reason that it would leave no significant difference between a device powered by Chrome OS and a device powered by Android. It would be a much better option to merge Chrome OS and Android with Chrome at the center. So what Google does next in its quest to keep the Android and Chrome apart is still to be seen.

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  • smarter than you

    the person that wrote this article misses the entire point. chrome os is for always connected devices that use a keyboard not a touchscreen. (desktops/laptops/netbooks) android is for highly mobile devices using mobile broadband with a touch interface. (phones/tablets) end of story.

  • Jim

    For Android tablet and phones which have a docking option (Atrix, Iconia, Thunderbird) the ChromeOS option that launches when a keyboard, mouse and higher resolution screen is available’ would be awesome.

    Android for mobility, ChromeOS for the docked working environment.

    Sign me up for that!