Google as the company always tries to create something different for the social networks to get succeeded. One of the popular applications in the recent times is the Google+ version 2.0. It has been updated, where new photo centric way is included to use the Google+ service. Larry Page, the CEO of Google has recently announced that, there are almost 150 million active users on Google+. But some critics have always questioned about the efficiency of this application.

It is not like Twitter or Facebook, and the frequency of using this service is not as close as other popular social media websites. It is a growing application, and it will require more update to get accepted by the regular users, and it will be more usable when they will start sharing photos, status, and other activities.

However, the Goolge+ has recently updated their application for iOS. There is no difference in the application other than it’s an iPhone version. It is offering a complete visual profile with few unique tricks. The previous version 2.6 of Google+ has been updated for Android to allow users starting hangouts directly through their phones. In the earlier version, you could join a hangout while progressing, but could not initiate one.

The new feature allows you to select a conversation, even though you are on a Skype call or phone call. Besides this, the rest of the updates have been done to bring out the best of the Android interface to make everything easier and exciting for users. There is a new slide out navigation bar to move around different parts instead of coming back to the home screen again and again for switching views. The stream has got new looks with easily accessible +1 buttons and full width media screen. Google says, if you share something to your circles, they will try to present it as imitate and immersive as possible. Viewers’ time and their relationships are precious to the company. However, you can edit posts while staying online or you can download photos directly through Google+ to your smartphone. Google+ is trying to put something extra on its Android app. They have provided the navigation ribbon to offer quicker access. So, if you are Android phone users, then you must try out the updated Google+.

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