Bump has been a popular application for Smartphone users. This application shares both contacts and photos between two mobile phones when they are tapped together. The latest news is that, Bump users can now share their photos or contacts from smartphone to computers. This service has recently been announced while saying that, users can bump their smartphone in their personal computers for transferring photos. They can share them in social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Bump has been a pretty useful application for sharing photos. For the last two years, almost 630 million photos has been transferred through bump into different devices.

Transferring photos using Bump is quite easy, through the latest Bumb web interface with the assistance of Bumb application in your smartphones. To transfer photos, you have to choose photos to move from the application, and tap the smartphone into the computer’s spacebar after the web interface has been loaded. These photos will be uploaded into Bump’s own website, and you will have the option to drag these photos into the computer, and share wherever you like to do.

Apart From this, you can also create a link to share the photos with your family and friends. When you will provide the URL of those groups of photos to your family or friends, they will have the opportunity to download any of those photos or share them anywhere they want. There is no limitation of uploading photos through Bump, so you can upload unlimited numbers of photos.

If you do not create URL for the groups of photos, the photos will be private and no one will be able to get any access to them. In that case, you will have to bump them again to your computer to make a shift or share them in Facebook or Twitter. This option has been fantastic as users can keep their privacy, and no one other than family or friends will be able to see that.

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