“Don’t believe everything you read” is a cliché that should be used more often. It used to be “don’t believe everything you hear,” but now with everyone communicating via email that cliché is no longer accurate.

What we are struggling with is having to decipher the truth(s) from the ‘sales’ ploys. Are these companies telling us the truth, or are they trying to keep our orders in “hopes” that stock of the product arrives? I am certain this is your concern as well. Let me assure you that Negri Electronics will never divulge misleading or false information intentionally. It’s not worth what the outcome could be, and it’s not the way I promised to run this company. You will get the truth from myself and my staff regardless of the wrath which usually follows – so be it.

Here is what we know: Our stock which we were told would be here on 5/31 will not. Instead we are expecting this stock to arrive on 6/1 and to be Blue. The colors seem to have been distributed based on region, and the region we are obtaining our devices from will be issued Blue. We have heard that a major distributor in the UK has just issued refunds to all its largest customers who pre-paid for the Galaxy S III in hopes to have it arrive on 5/31. In summary, I wouldn’t expect anyone in the UK to have stock available on 5/31 besides the carriers – who are given preferential treatment due to their size and order volume.

Here is what I recommend: Keep your orders that you have at the various outlets that made this pre-order available. Do not switch colors yet. Once a company can provide you tracking of the product TO them, make your decision then. 90% of the sources you can pre-order with will not charge you until your order has shipped, so you are not with financial constraints while we play this “hide and go seek” game behind the scenes. Until someone can provide you tracking – there is no concrete evidence or news.

Here is what I think: Samsung pushed these devices out too quickly. They didn’t take the time to Quality Check their work thoroughly and are now back pedaling to do it right. No matter how bad they delay their launch, they know that it will still be the best selling device in Samsung history. They are withholding information to their distributors, making them not only take the fall, but to make up a story as to why they are delayed. They know this, and yet still decline to provide any more information to its resellers- but most importantly their customers. They should own up to their mistakes and post a public announcement instead of hiding from the situation. UK carriers will get stock before anyone else. The carriers will then sell to customers who sign a 2 or 3 year agreement or upgrade and re-sign.

When we have tracking, we will post it. We will continue to offer support and updates when we hear them (or read them). You can cancel your pre-order here. You can email us with any questions you have that may not be covered in this update. You can call us names, swear at us, despise us, call us out on the various blogs or forums – but remember to add that we were truthful and did what we thought was right- and updated you as soon as we knew something.

I want to thank you for your business and support. Even if you cancel, you gave us a shot and that means the world to me/us.

As Always, Thank You For Your Support,

Ryan J Negri
Founder & CEO
Negri Electronics Inc
(Your Trusted Source for Unlocked Wireless)

Update: 5/31/2012, 8:59AM PST - We have discovered the truth. The problem is, so have other companies but they are not sharing. If I am the “messenger” in the cliché “shoot the messenger”, then so be it.  Just make sure you buy a bullet and rent the gun so you have enough for your SGSIII Pre-Order with us.

The Majority of the UK will not have stock until June 7th at the earliest. Sure some people will see stock sooner, but the majority of you waiting on pre-orders from any company in the UK (which includes many companies in the US including one from this forum) will not see stock until June 8th at the earliest.

We have located WHITE Galaxy S III stock available overseas from an alternate supplier. The issue is that the stock is selling at a cost of $750 each piece (Plus shipping and import fees, et). I will not be ordering our stock from this location due to the cost vs our selling price. I still anticipate receiving the Blue from our original supplier in the next few days. But again, until I have tracking I am as pessimistic as you are.

The cost is substantially higher than our sales price due to the lack of supply. I can not demand any money from you to send your order sooner. Instead I have made this option available to you. This option will modify your pre-order to the White Galaxy S III with Shipping by Monday, June 4th. (There is a 90% chance we are able to ship to you on Saturday, June 2nd. Overnight orders shipped Saturday will land Monday, June 4th in the US. If you already pre-ordered the white, the upgrade still must be paid in order to ship. This is stock from an alternate supplier and an offer to receive your item sooner.)

If you do pay for the upgrade we will ship your order the method chose in your original order. If you wish to upgrade your previous method of shipping we ask that you choose that method when upgrading to this special offer. We will ship the faster shipping method of the 2 orders so that you receive your item sooner.

Some of you may be upset, and not fully comprehend the purpose of this post and offer. Rightfully so. I would be pissed if I had placed on order and then was asked for more money. However, you do not need to upgrade. We should still receive our stock of the Blue in the next few days (pending tracking). So please view this as just “another delay”, but with an option to obtain your item quicker and at our true cost.

Thank you for your time and most importantly your patience. Enjoy the rest of your week.


Ryan J Negri

*The offer is only available to current pre-orders and not made visible to the general public via search. There are 50 units available and we will update when they have been sold.

Update: 6/1/2012, 12:00PM PST – We have received tracking for the White Galaxy S III. We will be receiving these on Saturday, June 2nd. Currently we have a few available to purchase for customers wanting the device sooner and paying the $80 upgrade. Our other stock that was to be Blue from our original supplier has been Updated to White and is “expected” on June 7th, 2012 the day after our site launch & Birthday. According to our supplier they received word from Samsung this morning that the shipment will be White; while the entire time they were told it was Blue with 100% certainty. Obviously making them (and us) look like fools.

You are free to change your order from the Blue to White and keep the same price as you paid for the Blue (including the discount which was offered to earlier orders). Just contact NegriCare to request this change.

Thank you for your patience in this mess. Amazing how long it took for Samsung to update someone; but we have it all straightened out now. We will update you again when we know more on the original shipment.


Ryan J Negri

Update: 6/5/2012, 1:00PM PST – We have tracking confirmation of the Blue Galaxy S III landing to us tomorrow, on our 6th year anniversary, June 6th, 2012. We will ship to our customers that same day. We had originally anticipated a longer delay, but it seems our distributor (who we have cursed out repeatedly these last 2 weeks) came through in the end and delivered us the first batch of Blue Galaxy S III. The price is a bit higher than we expected, but we will honor the price of all pre-orders (including discounts) of all the orders placed prior to the price increase which took place at 8:34AM PST 6/5/2012. Thank you for your patience. We knew we would get the Blue, but just didn’t have an exact date/time – and now we do.


Ryan J Negri