LG has announced the successor of X Note Z330 with the name X Note Z350 Ultrabook. It has a 13.3-inch display and it is based on Intel’s third generation Core i-series platform (Ivy Bridge). It takes only 9 seconds to boot up.

Another plume in its smooth silver body is a Red Dot Design Award, even though it does sort of look like every other Ultrabook we have seen recently. LG also claims that it is the thinnest Ultrabook in the world, with a thickness of just 14.7mm. And at 1.2kg, it’s also very light.

The compact and light weight of 1.21kg and 160g applies to the adapter, is to maximize portability.

Even though the Z350 runs on the Intel Core i5/i7 processor but GPU has not mentioned in it. It comes with built-in SSD + HDD combo option. These are all the details we could glean from the awkwardly translated Korean press release but we’ll let you know if we get some more info.