Eurocom Corp. has launched a high performance, long life span, mobile workstations and fully upgradable Notebooks. This special notebook is capable of running in multiple devices and operating systems with a memory of 16 GB, and storage of 1 TB. The company has given a nick for this special notebook which is “Eurocom Monster”. The Eurocom Monster can run for 8 virtual devices as it has got a powerful hardware. It has a processor of Intel Core i7 3920XM, and for graphics, GeForce GT650M from NVIDIA has been added with a battery life for 410 minutes. Moreover, this notebook has 2GB video memory along with 384 CUDA cores. As the graphics clock runs at 850 MHz, it has certainly made the graphics powerhouse as one of the best mobile computing machines in the market. This is currently the best system for mobile professionals those who need powerful hardware for using server applications, CUDA, technical presale, and OpenCL development.

Virtualization is a system that increasing efficiency of the computer systems thus increasing the capabilities and value of investment through allowing different operating systems and applications to run at a time on a single computing device. The Eurocom Monster has taken the virtualization process one stop ahead through converting for mobile devices. Eurocom has also expressed that, many of their professional clients have already become regular user of Eurocom Monster due to its mobility and capability of controlling multiple operating networks at a time.

However, many users are already impressed while using the Eurocom Monster. Those who prefer to work while travelling somewhere, this device will be extremely helpful as you won’t experience any significant difference than computer devices. These days, many workstations are available in the market but Eurocome Monster has been an ultimate choice.

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