The application of Music Unlimited for all the Android smart phones and other mobile devices such as tablet PCs have been updated today and Sony is expecting that everyone will surely love all the new features that have been added to the application.

Those who use this Music Unlimited application on their tablets, there are amazing features for them in this app update (V1.4). The most interesting updates include playback in the Offline mode and this facility enables the users to have an enjoyable music experience even at the time when a Wi-Fi or a 3G internet connection is not present. They can conserve their battery power of the device (switching off the Wi-Fi connection) or put a limit to their data usage with this offline mode service.

If you are already a subscriber of this Music Unlimited application and wish to enable the offline playback mode on your Android enabled tablet, you have to simply update the app to version 1.4 using the Play market by Google, the next step would be to restart the application. Finally you needs to follow these steps stated below:

First, go to ‘My Library’ and then select ‘Playlists’ from there. Then go to the Option section in case you are interested in offline playlist mode From the available options select ‘Available Offline’ Once you follow the simple steps above, your playlist will start to get downloaded and you will see that there is a change in the icon too. From a spinning arrow in green it will transform into a solid green icon if all the songs in your playlists are downloaded to your system. However, the process might take different times based on the connection speed of your internet. Therefore, you might need to have patience at times.

After all the songs from your playlist is downloaded, you need to select ‘Switch to Offline Mode’ from the hardware menu of your Android device. After that, you can easily browse through albums or view by artists, songs or any built in or customized Playlists and that’s also without any internet connection.

This update for Music Unlimited application is also available for the mobile devices. The users will also be able to create a customized radio channel using this new update in their mobile devices.

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