If only we didn’t have to dedicate a blog post to an items release…if only HTC would release on time….Well, that’s not the case, so here we are with the update for you.
As of this very second (10:54am PST 3/22) we expect the stock to arrive on 4/1 and ship same day. There is a chance that we will have the stock on 3/30, which is a Saturday. Don’t fret, we still ship on Saturdays. As of now all pre-orders placed will ship as part of the first shipment.

If you haven’t ordered yet, you can do so here. If you have, and want faster updated (only major updates will be posted here) follow us on Twitter here.


3/25/2013 8:40am PST: An unfortunate update to post this Monday morning, HTC is expected to delay the HTC One into late April. The manufacturer hasn’t made an official announcement, but our sources who distribute HTC products around the globe have told us they expect delays to all shipments of the new flagship phone from HTC. News is starting to filter out through major online publications like CNET and PhoneArena that quote an HTC executive who attributes the delay to a component shortage. Our sources indicate  ”select retailers” in Taiwan and Germany will have stock available in “limited quantities” by the end of this week, while others will have to wait. We will do our best to source inventory from these regions and fulfill as many preorders as possible, as soon as possible. The delayed release may encourage some customers to consider changing their preorder to the new Samsung Galaxy S4 since availability dates now seem to coincide. Regardless of which high-end smartphone you choose, we’re committed to being the first to offer these highly-anticipated devices to our loyal online customers. Be sure to check back soon for updates surrounding the HTC One and other new releases available at Negri Electronics.

3/29/2013 10:06am PST: Last night we received word that we should expect our first shipment of HTC One by 4/8/2013. This is not a 100% confirmed date. It’s an “expected” date (which is why I used the fun italics. It’s like Media outlets when they don’t know for sure about something they use a question mark at the end – I italicize.) While it’s not 100%, it should be pretty accurate. We should know more by Monday as to the exact date. Have a safe and Happy Holiday weekend.

4/3/2013 12:16pm PST: Despite countless attempts to obtain a commitment on the first available shipping date for the OEM stock, our suppliers are unable to update with any new information while sources say carrier stock is expected to be available April 19th. The absence of any update from the various distribution channels tells us to expect a delay. We’ve heard rumors about companies receiving stock in “limited quantities” or distributor’s price skyrocketing because the next shipment may not arrive for some time. We have updated our estimated availability date on the site to April 22nd, and it’s a tentative ETA. It’s not intentionally over-optimistic but rather a reasonable expectation given our evaluation of the market. Before you get discouraged, there is still a possibility that we will have stock next week, though it now seems to be a slim possibility. We are working diligently on confirming information with suppliers and getting tracking details as soon as possible.  Once we have an update, we will post here and on Twitter. We advise not to cancel your pre-order as you will lose your place in the pre-order queue, but of course you always have that option. Just remember, you won’t be charged until we ship your phone.

4/18/2013 2:30pm PST: I apologize for the time between updates, but until now there’s been nothing new to report. We’ve been looking for opportunities to pass relevant information to our customers, but it’s difficult when the same courtesy isn’t being offered to us by our distributors and manufacturers. HTC has given every excuse imaginable as to why this device isn’t in the hands of the masses yet. And while we have no word on the International (UK/HK) HTC One, we do have some good news to share.

We’ve received confirmation that the Canadian variant of the HTC One (Telus) (Rogers) should be arriving to us next week! These versions are unbranded and unlocked, ready to for use on any GSM carrier worldwide. In fact, they even come at a better price. I personally apologize for the delayed release of this highly-anticipated device. I never like to see disappointed customers and as a customer myself I’ve shared in the disappointment so far. Now I hope you’ll join me in excitement as we look forward to next week.

4/20/2013 9:05am PST: The Unlocked HTC One is here! We have received the Telus Unlocked version of the HTC One today in stock for immediate shipping. Those with pre-orders for the (other versions of the) HTC One can upgrade to the Telus version and have your order ship today! Please contact to upgrade your order. Of course you are free to keep your current pre-order until the model you originally ordered is available. Stick with Negri Electronics Blog and Twitter for all the news and updates related to your orders. Have a great weekend!


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