There was a time when few photos published showing about the concept of future Facebook phone. The news started to spread across the cyber world two years back. It was the time when Mark Zuckerberg and his company patched up with the world known HTC mobile manufacturing company to develop a smart phone. The target was set to launch a mobile set that would get the center of attraction in the world of smart phones. However, there were so many code names are being introduced, but nothing was found truth. Few days back, some photos have been published showing HTC produced smartphone having a Facebook page to load. Apart from this, there have been many rumors about the Facebook’s desperation for building up the hype for the new product.

It has also been heard that, Zuckerberg’s company has employed an ex-apply staff whose responsibility is to provide assistance in case of creating a good design for the smart phone. Moreover, the speculations about the released photos on the web are to believe of that person who thinks the actual Facebook phone will be appeared like this. So, it is understandable that, the whole thing is just like expectation for a desired product. Tech geeks think that, this upcoming smart phone will have 4.2 inches display with 8 Mega pixel primary camera, and 5 mega pixel rear facing camera. Even though, this is not the first time where photos have been published on the web as HTC had also shared publicly about the proposed design for the Facebook’s Smartphone.

Many users did not like the way it was presented on web. Their thought about this situation is that, the person has done with his personal assumption about the design of this phone. He is not even a worker of HTC or Facebook. If this is really going to be the real design of Facebook Smartphone, then Facebook lovers will surely try bugging one for them.

However, there is no further information has been leaked out on the web. Until now, the price has not been assumed as the manufacturing company has not said anything about the device and its features.

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