The Pew Research Center has its own latest report published in which they showed the increasing number of tablet computers in America during the holidays this year. According to their survey results, the 29% percent of American people are using tablets in January 2012 which was just 18% in the month of December 2011. However, the number was also increased from 10% to 19% in the mid-December 2011. This simply means that one out of four people in America are using Tablet PC or e-reader.

Lee Raine, director of the Internet and American Life Project by Pew Research Center stated that the adoption and usage of digital technology has enjoyed a great rise in the January 2012 which was never seen before.

The major reason behind this awesome growth in sales of tablets and e-readers is due to the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle tablets and Barnes and Nobel’s Nook tablet which are available at quite lower price range than the other manufacturers like “Apple” and “Samsung“.

However, the Apple has claimed that the introduction of cheaper devices have not affected the sales of iPad devices. The major players like Apple, Samsung, and Sony have their tablet products like iPad2, Sony S tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab which are far costlier than Kindle and Nook tablets. However, the current growth in the tablet and e-readers adoption is due to these tablets, as Pew’s reports said.

The adoption of Tablets as a necessary electronic device is highly increased in the America. Pew has also reports with detailed information. In this report, they have shown that e-reader ownership is increased in women more than that of men. The e-reader ownership among women is 21% while it is 16% among men.

The entire project is funded by Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for studying the people’s view at libraries by collecting data about ownership of e-readers.

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