Nintendo intends to remain an active participant in the world of portable gaming and in this regard they have planned to introduce a new 3DS model as accounted in a direct broadcast of Nintendo on the 21st of June. The new model is called the Nintendo 3DS XL. This is basically a refurbished version of the previous handhold console of Nintendo 3DS. The new model has a brighter and bigger appearance compared to the original 3DS. The new screen size is almost double with the same glass free 3D technology.

The new model is expected to have better battery life than the previous one. With a screen space of 4.88 inch for the upper portion and 4.18 inch for the lower part, this new model is definitely going to be pleasant visual experience for the game lovers. However, the industry specialists are not as sure about the battery life of the console as there had not been any extensive battery life testing yet.

The curious fact is that the control configuration in this new 3DS XL is exactly the same as the old 3DS and it does not even include a second thumb pad that had been desired by many. The industry is eagerly waiting to see whether the new and larger model of the 3DS XL is able to accommodate the additional accessory for controlling, like the Circle pad Pro accessory that had been introduced in the 3DS. This will allow the players to have better control over the game.

The expected cost of the 3DS XL will be around $199.99 which is not too higher than the previous model’s price; the difference is just 30 USD. However, it might indicate that in the future, the 3DS model will foresee a price drop.

However, during their 20 minute of broadcasting on last Thursday, Nintendo announced other products as well along with this new one. Nintendo is also going to announce a new product, Super Mario Bros. 2 that will be launched along with the 3DS XL, sometime around on Aug.

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