We have seen recently a hack to install Android Ice Cream Sandwich update for HTC My Touch 4G phone. Now in this post, a recent hack is shown. Here we will see a video demo of making Nokia N9 a dual boot phone. It will include two OS – Android ICS 4.0 and MeeGO OS. Developer Alexey Roslyakov has got a hack to install Android ICS in normal Nokia N9. It will keep running the MeeGO OS also. You just need to press the volume key in booting process to activate Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS on your Nokia N9. Many users have come to know that MeeGO is far more efficient than Android ICS. But here we talk about hacking Nokia N9 to get experience of the most popular mobile OS of the world – Android.

Now Experience the Android 4.0 ICS on Nokia N9

Nokia N9 is good with MeeGO but you will enjoy running Android OS on it. Let’s get to know about some issues on it. Few issues to be solved before applying Android for Nokia N9. The main issue with installing Android on Nokia N9 is its battery indicator. The battery indicator may not work properly with Android. Another issue is the network indicator. You just need to keep an eye on this blog for update on it. We will bring the news to you once it is available.

Compatibility issues:

The support of Android ICS in Nokia N9 for OpenGL is not well. Another compatibility issue may be for graphics in N9. You may see some conflicts regarding the 2D and 3D graphics in Nokia N9 running Android ICS 4.0.

You may need to wait for the updates on alpha version of Nokia gadgets with Android ICS OS. Some new hacks might get published in near future which may make Nokia N9 more compatible with Android ICS 4.0.

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