A Vietnamese technology site,, got their hands on the latest iPad and proceeded to unbox and benchmark the newest iteration. The unboxing video is solid if unspectacular, only because the design is almost identical to the previous generation. Nevertheless, the breathtaking 2048×1536 retina display is in full effect and if you have an incredible eye you might be able to spot the extra .6mm of thickness that was tacked on to the slate.

Thankfully for us, the iPad was also benchmarked, clarifying some of the specification details that Apple normally leaves out during announcements. Most notably, the RAM has been increased to 1GB from the 512MB that was found in the iPad 2, and the processor remains unchanged from the 1GHz clockspeed. This is somewhat notable considering Apple’s claim for a graphics performance 4x that of the previous iteration. Clearly, Apple evaluates the quad-core GPU to deliver on that lofty claim without the help of increased processor speed. As far as Geekbench scores go, the new iPad clocked in at 756, just above the 749 of the previous generation, and leaps and bounds ahead of the 454 scored by the first generation iPad.

Sure to be a graphical powerhouse, the new iPad debuts in stores this Friday, March 16th.