Mobile companies are now extending their arms to new applications day in day out to make themselves an exception. It is human nature to be on the go and to come up with something innovative in every day. So, mobile companies keep inventing new applications to suit the needs of people and of their own. A new application which has caught up in news is the idea of a second screen in your mobile phone. This new software built by Miso is an application forAndroids called Miso Sync.

This new application is a representative of interactive programming which actually means that you can get your phone connected to the program you are watching. Miso sync if connected to the device automatically identifies what you are watching and how much far has the program reached since start. The specialty of the Miso Sync is to be able to give you complete information about the show, its storyline till now and detailed information about the characters. This means that while you are watching a program, you can get to know the entire history of it.


If you have started in between, you can catch hold of whatever you have missed while you were away. So, it is easier to start watching a new movie or a program in between. An example would simplify the explanation of the functions of this new application. Suppose you are watching an XYZ show and one of its characters appears on the TV, Miso Sync will give you the entire history of the actor playing that character in the show. Isn’t this cool and something you always wanted? Now, you can get to know everything you ever wanted to know about your favorite actors. Other than this, it is also known that Miso Sync has another function according to which you can add all the information including pictures of your Miso friends with just a few clicks and also Miso will be able to automatically synchronize any kind of changes made by your friends.

It is believed that this application will be successful only to the level of the kind of people who would like to use such an application and what kind of programs a person likes to watch. So, again it comes down to one thing, any new application’s future is always tied to its customers. The founders are also opening up their idea to iPhones and set top boxes to have a bigger viewer -ship.

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