Microsoft Xbox 360 (launched in 2005) is surviving its extended life. It has been more than seven years and there is no news about the new gaming console from Microsoft.

It is observed that Xbox has gone too well with users. But it is rightly said that to be in the market it is better to be in cycle rather than stopping the whole process and be the loss leader. With these precepts, it is wise to guess that Microsoft is up with their new product – Xbox 720. In March 2011 Microsoft has posted numerous jobs listing for “dynamic engineering team for development and verification of Xbox and future plans”.

This has spread the rumor that the next generation Xbox console is in the offing. There have been some leaked photographs for going around the internet. To keep the users tied to its gaming console, the Microsoft Corporation is planning to launch Xbox 360 as earlier as in the coming week for $99 with a monthly subscription. The customers will be covered under a two-year warranty for a monthly subscription of $15. It will be offering the 4GB console will be offered with Kinect sensor. This package is a means to keep away competition from Sony’s Playstation 3, Apple TV, Roku.

There has been a strong rumor going around is that Sony will be launching its Playstation 4 before the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 720. Going by the previous track record it is evident that Microsoft may launch Xbox 720 a year before as it had done in the case of Xbox360 against Sony’s Playstation 3 to gain a head start despite all the defects and shortcomings which had caused expensive repair bills to Microsoft.

When asked about the Microsoft plans for research and development work for Xbox 720, it was told that it is an ongoing process. No more information has been divulged for the same.

If we go by all the saying and logic, it is anticipated that the release of Xbox 720 will not be too far. We are closer to learning some cold and hard facts that Microsoft might have started in its manufacturing process for launching – Xbox 720.

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