A quick video overview of this innovative case for your iPad which also includes a built-in Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard.  This case has a framed pocket allowing full screen access with book-style closure and magnetic wrap around to secure your tablet. You will first notice the intricate stitching and quality materials used.   The keyboard is accessible as soon as you open the case which can be folded to keep your iPad in an upright position in landscape mode, perfect for document writing applications. The keyboard itself is similar in size to netbook keyboards with full QWERTY layout and a function button that opens up additional features including playback and volume controls. The keypad is made of a soft yet durable silicone.  The case includes:
-Book-style case
-Magnetic closure
-Landscape stand
-Soft-touch keyboard
-Bluetooth v2.0
-76 key keyboard
-QWERTY layout
-Re-chargeable Li-ion Battery
-USB charging cable
-Working time: up to 25 days
-Standby time: up to 100 days
This device is now in stock at Negri Electronics.