The Kindle Fire was introduced in November 2011 and most of the buyers adopted it. Now in past two months Kindle Fire has almost doubled its Android market share. Its share was 29.4% in December 2011, and in February 2012 share is 54.4%.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab family has a share of 15.4 percent in February and Motorola Xoom has 7.0 percent share.

Here is the tablet market share comparison which tells us how rapidly Kindle Fire is capturing the market.

The comScore report indicates that Kindle Fire is getting a massive success, considering it has been in the market since November. The comScore results also polled the number of page views by different tablet sizes, showing that the larger the tablet, the more intensively it’s being used for web browsing.

Here is the list of comparison and market share detail of smartphone carrier in top US states.