Keeping this popularity in mind, Samsung has recently revealed another impressive inclusion for its latest smart phone. The application is known as the “S Health”, and it is believed that, the new addition will bring the mobile market alive as it will create a great competition with iPhone 4S.

Recently, Samsung has announced this new feature, and it will help users for maintaining a healthy lifestyle through collecting several techniques of fitness. Besides, users can save their well being data on their mobile phones too. Galaxy S3 was unpacked in the last month, and the application was not part of the smartphone. Also, this application was not in the list of Pre-loaded software during the handset sales.

“S Health” will be compatible with number of healthcare sensors that include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and composition scales of the body. Through arranging data into tables and graphs, S Health can make a chart of health reading and a track which will be pretty easy for users to understand the format and assist them to update their current physical status. S Health apps can also be used for entering any exercise, diet, selective medications or any other health feature for tailoring S Health according to their health needs.

The vice president of UK and Ireland based Telecoms and Networks section, Simon Stanford, has said that, “S Health has the ability to provide actual beneficial features when it comes about monitoring and tracking health status along with wellness on regular days”.

If you are looking for something that can help you to receive your real healthcare goals, S Health will be a good choice for sure. This application can be integrated with the major social networks which enable the users for sharing their goals and achievements through Twitter or Facebook. The S Health has made available for downloading through the section of Galaxy S3.

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