People will be genuinely delighted with this hottest and the newest Smartphone which is called Sony LT29i aka Hayabusa With 13MP “Stacked” Camera Sensor. By getting this phone, you have no need to purchase any expensive digital camera to experience the beauty of nature.

With this 13 megapixel stacked camera sensor, users can be fixated to use this new product of Sony. Sony LT29i is not release yet but hopefully it will be available in the month of June. It is said to be the best phone of Sony so far. If people are going to a vacation, there is no need to bring a heavy digital camera. The travelers can use this Smartphone for capturing the snaps of many beautiful places as they want or people who love nature. The Smartphone has a HDR functionality that can be used capturing and recording the desire moments.

Today, there are many new Smartphones available in the market but Sony LT29i phone is the best of all. It has on-screen buttons with the Operating System of Android Ice Cream Sandwich for navigation. It has 4.55 HD Reality Display with 1.5 GHz dual - core Snapdragon S4 chip set that people will love to use. It is very light in weight and just 7mm thin.

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