Great news for PSP enthusiasts as there may be the announcement of the new and revolutionary PSP 2 at the end of this week. But whenever the news of its release comes we have got some other exciting news on its features. This may well be the first ever portable gaming device having a 3G wireless support on it. It is heard that it will be able to use the 3G network of the NTT DoCoMo, Japan. Previous version had only the Wi-Fi support but this time the Sony group is trying to bring two new species one having the Wi-Fi support only and the other will have both Wi-Fi and 3G support. I believe that this will bring relief to the users of PSP relief as previously they had to be within a Wi-Fi hot zone to share or download games. Now there will be no more limitation on the place you are in and the data transfer (games download, Music and video sharing and downloading) will be easier than ever in portable gaming device than ever.

The PSP 2 is featuring an OLED touchscreen, which will provide an incredibly smooth gaming experience for the users. It will also consume far less battery power while ensuring better pixels and resolution. The touch panel will be easier to use and it will be highly sophisticated meaning better control on the device. This device will probably have a powerful processor that is specifically designed for it to ensure the best gaming and video experience on portable gaming devices so far. Overall this device a going to change the way we thought about the portable gaming consoles. Now let’s see when this device hits the market with its great new features.