The new iPhone from Apple, the iPhone 5 or alternatively the iPhone 5S is expected to be released pretty soon. However, it seems like Apple is now up for the Chinese mobile market and it is definitely the place where growth can be overwhelming for this device. To be able to take in the mass Chinese population, this new iPhone 5S will have their operating system iOS 6 available in both the major languages in China- Mandarin and Cantonese. They also have a plan to get integration with Chinese only social bookmarking sites such as Baidu.

In the meantime, an insider from Apple states that the expected time when this new gadget will be out in the market is the month of October this year. And it will be the time when iOS 6 will be first released to the market. People in the industry are assuming that these new iPhone will come out in collaboration with both Sprint and T-Mobile and they also plan to get supported by China Mobile. This is where Apple is playing smart- they are going globally and there is no doubt that in order to tap the global market; they have to tap the market in China. And the association they have chosen in China is no other than China Mobile. China Mobile Company has an unbelievable number of subscribers, which is slightly close to 650 millions!

China Mobile is in fact the largest mobile operator in the whole world. HSPA+ will support the smart phone, especially for the connection on AT&T, however LTE support will not be there now. However, the next upgrade of iPhone will be released to the market a way before this new iPhone5 and the expected time is around September. However, the expected updates are not too far off then what the current iPhone 4S has got already. Other than a few tweaks in the camera and the processor (this new one will have dual core processor, A5), most of the other stuff will remain unchanged. Bit in case, you are interested to upgrade, just check as the connector for this Smartphone will probably have a 30 pin configuration other than the previous 19 pin one.

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