Le Figaro (a French newspaper) reported that the vice president of Apple operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Pascal Cagni has resigned from his post.

According to the report, the reason isn’t known why Cagni left and also there is no confirmation from the official whether Cagni has resigned or not. CNET also picked up the report, noting that anonymous sources close to the matter are saying Cagni is, indeed, gone.

The newspaper didn’t say where he might have gone. Apple has not confirmed that Cagni has left the company, and his LinkedIn profile still shows him as employed by the iPhone maker.

Cagni joined Apple back in 2000. Before coming to Apple, Cagni was employed by NEC/Packard Bell Europe.

Cagni departure can create some problems for Apple because he has done lots of effort to increase the Apple’s sales volume in overseas. Also Apple has to think that who may replace Cagni in this very critical position to the company at this time.