Apple has managed to hold the first spot in the list of World’s most popular brands. Recently, a market research agency Millward Brown has compiled a report and declared Apple as the world’s most popular brand. This is the second connective year for Apple to get the top position.


The study is based on a company’s market capitalization or the price of a company’s stock multiplied by the number of shares outstanding, and the amount of loyalty the brand inspires. According to BrandZ, Apple has increased its market value by 19% over the last year to a total of $183 billion and the loyalty for the brand cannot be questioned.

Apple find themselves at the head of a top 10 list of which only Coca-Cola, Marlboro and McDonalds are not Telecom or Tech companies, illustrating just how much drive is behind today’s mobile technology sector.

Facebook is another brand who has changed its position dramatically, IPO this year helped them jump up 16 positions to number 19 on the list, while raising their brand value to over $33 billion.

With the exception of Google, the top 8 looks eerily like it came straight out of the 1980′s, when IBM and Apple vied for control of an emerging PC market.

If we talk about the smartphone manufacturers then only Samsung and Sony are in the list. Samsung is on the 55th position where Sony ranked as 86th.