The Apple is striking the televisions in US with its new three commercial ads of iPhone 4S. The ads are concentrated on the main features of the iPhone 4S such as the 8 megapixel camera, Siri – the friendly personal assistance robot, and the iCloud data sharing and management.

The First Ad – featuring the iCloud:

The first ad shows the data management capabilities of the iPhone 4S in the iCloud environment. The creation and updating on the data is as easy as moving some files in the iCloud devices. The ease of managing data and creating the data report is perfectly demonstrated in the iPhone ads by Apple. You can see the ads below in the embedded video.

Apple – iPhone 4S – TV Ad – iCloud_(360p)

The second one – exploring the imaging features of iPhone:

The second ad is focused on the 8 megapixel camera of the iPhone 4S. The ability to take pictures in perfect mode is explored in this advertise. It also explores the various features for editing and sharing the pics captured by camera of the iPhone 4S.

Apple – iPhone 4S – TV Ad – Camera_(360p)

The last Ad – introducing the improved Siri:

The last ad of the iPhone shows what a personal assistance actually does. The common question answer is there which shows the high end artificial intelligence example. The cute boy in this ad asks some questions and Siri smartly answers them. The previous ad had a girl that asks some question to Siri while in this advertise, the Siri answers them quite smartly.

Apple – iPhone 4S – TV Ad – Siri, Snow Today_(360p)

The three new ads by apple are getting a good popularity on the TV. it is expecting that the Apple Inc. will get more benefits by this three most popular ads. Stay tied up with Negri Electronics, the biggest stuff of Smartphone, Tablets and gadgets for having more updates about iPhone 4S TV Ads.