HTC One-X [image via PocketNow]

With Mobile World Congress (MWC) right around the corner, HTC is kicking in a teaser campaign to generate hype around some new superphones. Now, we’ve already heard buzz around the Ville, and the Endeavor, but the device previously known as the “edge”,now dubbed the “One-X” has just appeared in its first pressshot, courtesy of PocketNow. The One-X packs a Tegra 3 quad core processor, but a slight modification in the design from the pictures that leaked last year when it was the Edge. The 4 capacitive buttons have been reduced to 3 buttons, which is still an unusual choice for a device that’s supposed to be running Ice Cream Sandwich. As you’re likely aware, ICS does away with the need for physical keys entirely.  Also on display is a screenshot of HTC Sense 4.0, the company’s Android skin.

Though no carrier partners for the One-X have been announced, industry watcher Digitimes has posited that HTC has been in talks with 20 providers that will carry the One-X. NVIDIA, for their part, has announced that Tegra 3 phones are already in production, and many are ready to ship within the next month or two. That information was relayed in an earlier earnings conference call.

Meanwhile, on HTC’s Singapore Facebook page, the company has the teaser campaign in full swing. Late yesterday, they posted an image with the number “5″ on a blank smartphone picture. Today, that image has changed to the number “4″.


The numbers look to be countdown to Sunday’s kickoff of MWC. The message accompanying the first image read “This Sunday, you’ll discover something fast”. Today’s message has the teaser line, “This Sunday, you’ll hear something authentic”. The first line is likely a reference to Tegra 3, which is a super-fast quad core processor, with an extra 5th core to add a little kick in the pants for graphics. The second (and I’m purely speculating here) is likely Beats Audio integration, which is a hallmark of all new high-end HTC devices. MWC is coming up very quickly, though, so we’ll certainly have some more concrete information after the weekend.

HTC’s MWC kickoff is slated for Sunday evening at 8:30 PM Barcelona, Spain time. That’s 11:oo AM PST/2PM EST here in the states for those keeping track of the hours. Whether or not HTC will provide a livestream for MWC coverage of their event is still unknown, however. Hopefully, many of us will be able to get our hands on these new superphones some time next month!